About Us

The great explosion of social media in the world has shown that we are interpersonal beings who seeing real communion. For people of faith, this desire is even more real.

Founded in 2011, Truth Poured Out is a monthly discussion group for young adult men and women of faith to share their thoughts about faith, the Church, and current events. Great food and drinks help build community as we share our thoughts. Participants range in ages from 21-39.

At each meeting, a topic for discussion is presented along with a number of thought provoking questions. The discussion takes place in small groups of 8-10 at each table. At the end of the night, the discussion is then opened up to all present to hear what each table spoke about. The presenter then offers his/her thoughts on the topic, and we close with a prayer.

Come join us for great food, great drink, and an outpouring of truth!

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